OUT with THE CARPET! …Score and Stain the Concrete!

Some of you may be old enough to remember the grand old days of the infamous SHAG carpet. You may have even been cool enough to have it on your floors and half way up your walls! (Gosh, I’m sneezing already). Anyhow, those days are long gone. I’m sure the carpet on your floor is brand spanking new without a spec of dust in it—‘quite the tidy folk’ that you are and all.


Here’s the thing…if we’re honest …really honest, we know good and well all the stuff buried in that carpet. No elaboration needed from me, I’m sure. No need to bring up the puppies, kittens, babies, spills, or the dust mites munching down on all the dead skin cells. Nope.


So here’s something to consider for this new coming year. Imagine how CLEAN your house will feel, smell, and look with NO CARPET. The sneezy nose and itchy eyes will be rolled out with the last frizzy stitch.


Hey now, just having some clean thoughts. Don’t judge.

And remember,

We’ll do whatever it takes to make it right.

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Thank you,
Jeff Smith
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