5 Ways to Add Real Value to Your Home

Here’s the scoop — many of our friends work in the real-estate business, and they are bustling with excitement about this new coming year. It is widely known in the ranks of these folks that the southern portion of Louisiana is poised for an economic boom. In fact, according to LAWORKS.net, the availability of jobs here among the King Cake eating Cajuns is 50% better than the national average. My real-estate selling friends have had a tough couple of years, BUT they’re getting ready to fresh coat some dingy walls, polish some counter-tops, aaaaannnnnnd! — rip out some carpet! Yes, shameless. 😉

Now, why are these real-estate selling cohorts of mine so vigorous about getting rid of carpet? It’s simple. Because carpet is not clean, it doesn’t sparkle, shine, nor bling; it collects dust, smells musty, and is out of style within a week. ….AND, you absolutely must see this 30 second video to appreciate one last reason:

We happen to have it on good authority that many of you will also be selling your homes soon, and the rest of you are just looking for a good excuse to update and add value to yours. Consequently, we’ve decided to give you a list that is certain to increase the value of your humble abode.

Here are the Cream of the Crop PRO-TIPS for updating your home to add value or sell:

1) Fresh Paint—Pretty much everywhere, but especially the street view of the house, kitchen and living areas.

2) Spruce up the Bathrooms—(Especially the Master Bath) No stains in the toilets, tubs, or sinks, and install a new faucet or two.

3) Clean up the Kitchen—Take down the wallpaper, add a new stove/oven, paint the cabinets, change the cabinet hardware.

4) Revive the Floors—You gotta be kidding!—No dingy grout, broken tile, water stained or scratched wood planks, and NO used carpet.

5) Take Care of Repairs—Depending on the nature of the repairs, you may not be able to find a buyer; and depending on how fast the buyer wants to close on the house, you may not have enough time to make the repairs. For those of you not selling, the repairs will have to be done anyway if you don’t want your house to crumble. AND whatever needs repairing is likely getting worse by the decade, so do yourself a favor and just fix it!

Hey now, you know those puppies were cute!

And remember,
We’ll do whatever it takes to make it right.

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Thank you, 

Jeff Smith

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