Celebrating Success


The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. —Steve Jobs 

For the past two years our company, Concrete Design Solutions, has been the top dealer in the CTI network which has a dealer network throughout the United States as well as 34 countries.

CTI admires a job-well-done, and so do we.

True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done. —Antoine de Saint-Exupery

CTI has been featured in the INC 500 list of the fastest growing, privately held companies in the U.S. today.
In fact, it’s no accident that our company name is Concrete Design Solutions. Like many entrepreneurs and small business leaders, we have been inspired by some of the great designers of the world, we take a product as industrialized and mundane as concrete, and through an alchemy of craftsmanship and artistic energy, we bring about a transformation. For example, we turn a sidewalk that has never received a second glance into a true work of art. Suddenly (and by design) the sidewalk becomes a thing of beauty.

It is also by design that we have paired up with a class-act organization such as CTI. Concrete Technology, Inc., or CTI, began its operations in Florida in 1991. Since then, CTI has been using state of the art engineering and chemistry to bring both durability and beauty to the world of unsightly concrete.

CTI’s founder, Kevin Rosenberger, was a master craftsman in the coatings industry for years. Because of his resilience as a craftsman, Mr. Rosenberger was able to identify problems with the longevity of coatings in the marketplace. He became determined to find a long lasting solution. He began experimenting with acrylic cement coatings, and after numerous lab and field tests he began marketing a formulation of acrylics and resins that offered a superior coating for concrete surfaces.

One of the keys to CTI’s huge acceptance is their product’s ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Whether it’s sub-zero temperatures in Canada, or heat in excess of 100 degrees in Arizona, the CTI System is designed to withstand those extremes, while providing a beautiful, durable finish to surfaces such as driveways, patios, pool decks, walkways and commercial areas.

CTI has not only brought the public a product that customers are truly delighted with, it has also provided a vehicle for entrepreneurs to realize the vision of having their own business.

Thank you, Mr. Rosenberger and the visionaries at CTI. We are proud to be a part of a job-well-done.

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Jeff Smith


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