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Thinking about hiring a company to artistically decorate the concrete in your house, by your pool, up your steps, or through your breezeway? Well, obviously you’re a wise consumer because here you are sensibly digging for good info with diligence! Perfect, now you’re invited to an incredibly honest pool-side chat with CDS owner, Jeff Smith.


Oh, and not that we’re the type to brag but did you know that we’ve not had a single complaint at The Better Business Bureau, the State Contractor Board, or anywhere else because we truly DO stand behind our work?

Anyhow… Forward… March…

Pull up a chair to an excerpt from an interview between Jess (J)—industry writer–and CDS owner, Mr. Jeff Smith (Jeff).


J: Have you developed any in-house systems or practices?

Jeff: We’ve developed processes that have allowed us to get the jobs done faster and more efficient. 

Jeff: It’s called experience, you know. You learn; you get better, faster. Not necessarily developing shortcuts, but better ways of doing things. Experience is key.

J: Well, what makes you different from other businesses in your industry?

Jeff: The real thing is just being a dependable, responsible contractor that’s easy to work with, does what he says he’s gonna do when he says he’s gonna do it; and if there is something that occurs in the universe to make it impossible, then communicate that clearly to the client.

J: Why did you begin this business journey?

Jeff: I worked for Wal-Mart for 25 years. I always wanted to own my own business; I just never knew what that business was going to be. Eventually, I had to say to myself “If I’m gonna do it, I better leave myself some time to do it,” you know, while I still have the energy to do it.

J: Interesting.

Jeff: I did my research and due diligence, and I had some criteria set out. I wanted something I could be personally invested into, and I don’t mean with money; and something completely different from retail. I didn’t want a store; I didn’t want that kind of business. I wanted something completely different.

J: What have you learned along the way.

Jeff: That I am not a sales person. I cannot sell people anything. I present, “This is what we do; this is how we can solve your problem.This is what it will look like when we are done with it, and this is how much it costs.” And I don’t pressure them, there is no pressure. It’s pretty much, “Here are the facts. Let me know if and when you make a decision. Thanks.”

J: Do you have others around you that shine where you may not?

Jeff: I think the Foremen; their artistic ability is growing rapidly, probably surpassing mine. And it makes me proud to see that. When they do something that I don’t think I could have done, because my philosophy is that I don’t expect anything out of anybody that I wouldn’t be willing to do myself, or could do myself. When I see people doing things that I don’t think I could have done,it makes me proud.

J: What philosophy do you live by?

Jeff: I guess it goes back to doing what you say you’re going to do, you know. It’s like, don’t make promises you can’t keep; don’t paint a picture high in the sky and then deliver something less. Just be honest, be forthcoming, be genuine, and things will work out.

J: Good philosophy


Thank you for taking a few minutes to get to know our Mentor- in-Chief, Mr. Jeff Smith, a little better. Here at CDS we take great pride in the art and craft of concrete design.

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Thank you for reading,
Concrete Design Solutions, LLC


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