The DO’s and DO NOT’s of Concrete Floor Maintenance


Picture it: Your concrete floors were just stained or overlayed, and they look beautiful. As you gaze at the beauty of this new floor art, you start to freak out because someone is daring to walk on them! Now calm down….It’s ok for people to walk on them. They are quite durable. There are a few daily things that you can do and be aware of to help with that durability that do NOT include roping off the designed concrete area.

  1. Clean spills up quickly on your newly decorated concrete. Besides being a slip hazard, some substances may stain your floor.
  2. Use a dust mop regularly to keep debris that may cause abrasions in your finish off of your floors. And really, don’t you want to show off your pretty new floors without dusty distractions?
  3. If you need to mop your floors, you only need a microfiber mop and CLEAN water. If something a little more aggressive is needed, use a neutral pH degreaser or call us for specific recommendations. 
  4. If you find something such as gum or some other sticky object that will not come up easily, do NOT scrape it off. Remove what you can and then use a blue utility pad to remove any remaining marks or residue. 

Doesn’t that seem simple enough? Now for a list of Precautions–the DO NOT do List:

  • DO NOT apply tape to your decorative floors. The adhesive resins could mess up the floor’s finish. 
  • DO NOT use plastic or acrylic backed mats. They can bond with or discolor your concrete stain or overlay. 
  • DO NOT use acidic or caustic cleaners, such as Ammonia or Bleach. These can slowly eat away the finish. 
  • DO NOT leave animal urine to sit on your resurfaced concrete. The acidity will degrade the finish just like the above mentioned cleaners.
  • DO NOT use hot water. It may cause whitening to occur. 

You feel better now, don’t you? You can live contently with people walking on your new floors without worry. These DO’s and DO NOT’s are simple enough. Always remember, if you are unsure of something, give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions about your new decorative concrete floors.  

We want to thank EcoProcote for inspiring these tips.

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