Types of Concrete Design


We have 4 main types of CTi decorative concrete that we work with. It can get confusing not knowing which one is which, so below is an explanation of each of these with examples. Stay tuned for our next few blogs that will take you on a more in depth journey to help you choose what you want and need for your next concrete flooring project. Because it’s always best to know what you want!
DURAFLEK 5000“All the beauty of granite for less…”


This beautiful surface is durable and perfect for many areas around the home such as garage floors and bathrooms–not to mention salons and retail floors. It is non-porous, fade, and stain resistant. It comes in 6 standard color combinations–we’ll get more into this in the next blog.



This surface has a distinctive look that shows personality and imagination. With different looks such as tile, flagstone, and brick; we can resurface your driveway, patio, pool deck, walkway, and garage. 


This is the perfect floor covering for the main areas inside your home. From living rooms and bedrooms to kitchens and garage floors. The grout lines will not stain and there are limitless possibilities for patterns and colors. Patterns vary from marble or granite to something completely unique. This is a versatile finish that is stronger than tile. It will compliment any area you can imagine putting it. 



This system gives your floors a tough as nails protective coating that will withstand traffic and stains. Not to mention, it will keep its luster for years! Your options for color and style are endless. This rich and warm look can go anywhere inside or out–living rooms to pool decks. This is a great option that is NOT affected by the chemical make-up of the existing concrete and can be applied over cracks, chips, or other defects.



Which one will you choose for your next flooring project? If you still can’t decide, no worries. Stay tuned for our next few blogs. Lots more information to come!

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