The CTi Duraflek 5000 Reference Sheet



“ALL THE Beauty OFGranite FOR LESS…”

As promised in the previous post, here is a little moreabout the Duraflek 5000 for you to chew on. Let’s start with this video by BradHieneman, the V.P. at CTi:

As you could see in the video the Duraflek surface providesa beautiful, durable, granite-like finish—perfect for many areas around the home.It is a state of the art concrete coating that offers a stain resistant, easyto clean surface. Tougher than concrete, it resists wear and tear and wipesclean with just a damp sponge or mop and is the perfect surface for all hightraffic, high use areas.

These are the standard color combinations available for theDuraflek 5000:

To break it all down for you, here is the gist (found at Enhanced Concrete Concepts):

Attributes and Advantages:

·        Heat, fade, and stain resistant

·        Seamless, non-porous finish

·        Tougher than conventional concrete

·        Trouble-free cleaning/maintenance

Perfect for: 

·        Auto showrooms

·        Garages

·        Basements

·        Grocery stores

·        Kitchens

·        Bathrooms

·        Offices

·        Warehouses

·        Restaurants

·        Retail floors

·        Schools

·        Hospitals

Stay tuned for our next blogon The Hallmark System. If you have any questions that we may not have covered,please ask in a comment below. We’d love to help you make a decision on whichdirection to go for your next concrete design project.

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