The CTi Acrylistain System Reference Sheet



Lustrous Stained Concrete


Before we get into The Acrylistain System, here’s anothervideo from Brad Hieneman, the V.P. at CTi, to tell you a little about it:

This rich and warm look is tough-as-nails strong and canwithstand heavy traffic and stains for years to come.

Acrylistain comes in a number of colors and styles for aunique look. Unlike acid stained concrete, only environmentally friendlyproducts are used. This means your cabinets, rails, and other surrounding areaswill not be damaged. This protective coating is not affected by the chemicalmake-up of the existing concrete. The Acrylistain System is easier to maintainthan tile or wood, and it can be applied over cracked or chipped concrete dueto its ability to cover those imperfections.

To break it all down for you, here is the gist:

Attributes and Advantages:

·        Cost efficient luxury

·        Quick & easy installation

·        Renew rather than purchase new

·        Trouble-free cleaning/maintenance

·        Variety of design and color choices

Perfect for:

·        Basements

·        Bathrooms

·        Driveways

·        Foyers

·        Interior Floors

·        Kitchens

·        Patios

·        Playrooms

·        Pool Decks

·        Porches

·        Walkways

Stay tuned for our next blogon Stone Classics. If you have any questions that we may not have covered,please ask in a comment below. We’d love to help you make a decision on whichdirection to go for your next concrete design project. 

All content has been gathered from CTi and Enhanced Concrete Concepts.Please click the button on the above right to follow this blog; it means a lot to us.



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