When we think about designing our living areas—such as the living room—we think of the furniture, the window treatments, and the decorations. The floor is what the floor is. But what if you could have flooring that would accent those items you’v especially picked out to showcase?

Concrete is known for its structural purposes, but the versatility that it offers surpasses any other type of flooring. Take carpet,for example. The most popular color is—you guessed it—beige. Beige can work with almost any décor. But why limit yourself?

 Wouldn’t this room be even better with say…..

 this decorative concrete instead?

Even though the beige carpet won’t clash with anything, it is quite bland. There are many options with concrete design that brings a warmth and character to any room without (or with if you prefer) being the focal point. There is definitely a beauty and versatility to concrete.

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