Why Choose Concrete Over Wood in the Kitchen


When designing a room, don’t forget about the floors! From the furniture to the wall color, your floor’s style and function can effect these decisions. For our next several blogs we are going to explore some design ideas that concrete floors can accentuate beautifully.


(cc HGTV)

Let’s start with the most functional room in the house—the kitchen. How beautiful are wooden floors that set off the craftsmanship of the decadent cabinetry that costs an arm and a leg. The problem with traditional and laminate wood floors is that if water is left sitting on them—behind a fridge or under a cabinet overhang—they can warp and discolor because of their porous nature.



We have the solution for this….concrete floors with a hardwood design. If you remember back to our very first blog: The Nature of Concrete, we discussed the technology of modified acrylics and how they are non-porous and durable.

Can you believe this is concrete?

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2 comments on “Why Choose Concrete Over Wood in the Kitchen
  1. We have a older home so if we pulled up the carpet in our bedroom could you do the floor that looks like wood on my cement ?

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