Decorative Concrete for Your Pool Deck

A current trend that you may want to follow is the decorative concrete pool deck. Not only is it textured with inviting colors, but it also provides a slip-resistant deck for safer activities around the pool. 

Just look at the beautiful oasis above that we made for Indigo Park Apartments in Baton Rouge. There is nothing better than a pool that feels like an exotic escape. It’s definitely more accessible than the fancy pool at that resort you want to go to. It can be right in your back yard! With the massive amount of hot weather we have, “pool season” is in abundance.

What would your oasis look like? Do stone, slate, or wood appeal to you? Any of these materials can be replicated with concrete design—with a cheaper bottom line and longer lasting durability.

This is a current picture of a pool deck we completed several years ago. It’s still in perfect condition!

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