Patios Made Beautiful with Decorative Concrete

7.22 before.after patio

In south Louisiana over 80% of the year is patio weather. So when you are planning your patio, why not add a decorative touch? A lot of us spend quite a bit of time in our backyards–bar-b-queing, boiling crawfish, having drinks by the fire pit or pool, etc. This is a particular place that having a signature design on your flooring will really go far. Unlike in your living room, where you may have a piece of art hanging or a featured piece of furniture, your patio is simpler. Putting a fleur de lis, for instance, in the middle of the patio is a great focal point as you can see in the picture below. 

The feel of the patio can go from plain and uninviting to warm and stimulating. It can be a great topic of discussion during get-togethers. What do you think about the difference between the before and after pictures below? Doesn’t the after picture inspire you to plan an event with friends and family?

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